How You Can Get Involved

Volunteer & Intern opportunities

Are you interested in helping Families First? We are happy to hear that!

Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page or you can just send an email to with a subject line that clearly states your area of interest.

Below are positions currently needing help!



  • Tutoring ESL and GED Teachers
  • Celebrating Families (meals)
  • General Office
    • Help with 2020 Annual Report
    • Assist with creating promotional materials for events
  • Event Volunteers

First Responder Volunteers

Opportunities for those interested in working with families who are in a critical time of need related to improving their living conditions. These opportunities usually require ability to respond within a week depending on the nature of the need.

Home-visiting program: Upfit homes/environment/unsafe living conditions. Can include light construction/home improvement (securing doors, locking cabinets for toddlers, etc) in collaboration with the city and home-visiting program directly related to Corning Grant.

Connection Companion: Support new Immigrant Families. More often than not, new families arriving to Cabarrus County often need a friend with whom they can learn about the city, practice their English, and navigate their new life in Cabarrus County. We recommend meeting or connecting with the family for an hour or two at least twice a month.

Family and Program Support Volunteers

Parent Café: A new program starting in 2020. A time for parents enrolled in our programs can come together once a month and collaborate with our staff and each other on ways to improve the program and offer feedback on current practices. C0me be co-designers of programs that truly meet the needs of our community. How? 

  • Volunteer as a community who cares (listener) facilitated by our Director of Operations and Executive Director.
  • Volunteer to write down ideas and take notes on the meeting
  • Volunteer to bring light refreshments for the meetings
  • Day and Time TBA

Celebrating Families (See attachment) Volunteers can:

  • Serve meals once a week for the 16 weeks, take 8 weeks, or simply drop of the meals to be served.
  • Speak on any of the 16 session topics
  • Care for Kids (all ages)
  • Tutor Kids (elementary and up)

Program Support Volunteers

Preschools: Visit one our bilingual preschool classrooms where we prepare children for a love of learning and ready them for kindergarten. Opportunities are flexible depending on your schedule and time commitment

  • Community Days – Come share who you are with the children, whether that be what your job is, places you’ve traveled to, what your hobbies are, etc. We love making new friends in our classroom
  • Read a book of ours or bring your own to read to the children! Bilingual readers are invited and encouraged
  • Assist during one of our quarterly special classroom events
  • Work one-on-one with a student on particular skills guided by the teachers

Summer Jump Start Program – The project supports a robust 4-week summer camp for 36 extreme high-risk school failure children entering K-3. We will target Hispanic and other non-typically developing children. Research confirms these children need academic and self-regulation/social-emotional development skills to achieve success. The project includes the whole family reducing summer learning loss/augmenting long-term outcomes.



  • Child and Development
  • Teaching Interns
  • Master Degree Social Worker
  • Summer High School Interns

It Takes A Village

Being an intern at Families First has allowed me to truly experience the reality of "It takes a village". The sense of community is inspiring and promotes a unique and enjoyable learning environment.

Opened My Eyes

Families First opened my eyes to the potential everyone in this life has. They taught me that all families, individuals and children can succeed with the proper tools. I am a believer now and will always find time to volunteer with this organization!

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